Matthias Wähner

From September 2018 to February 2019 I was a scholarship holder in the Dual Orchestra Academy Thuringia. Even in this short time, I have been able to make many interesting and important experiences.

A very special highlight was the inclusion in the regular orchestra service in the Jenaer Philharmonie, with whom I was able to witness an impressive tour of China in December. The workshops offered me at renowned lecturers for example Kristin Guttenberg (mental audition training) or Anne Kussmaul (music moderation) a deeper understanding, not only in terms of practical orchestral playing. The lessons with the solo violist Christian Götz have prepared me optimally for the orchestral rehearsals and the auditions.

I can only heartily recommend the DOT to any music student, as they have a wealth of training opportunities compared to other orchestral academies and in particular, the fact that their fellows are employed in both a pure concert orchestra and a multipurpose venue particularly broad training concept.


Anna Marila (Scholarship holder 09/2018 - 02/2019)

Matthias Wähner (Scholarship holder 09/2018 - 03/2019) - since 04/2019 koord. stellv. Solobratschist Thüringer Symponiker Saalfeld-Rudolstadt

Yuchen Tao (Scholarship holder 09/2018 - 03/2019)

Anna Zaubzer (Scholarship holder 09/2018 - 08/2019) - since 09/2019 2. Violine tutti Theater Altenburg Gera

Barbara Parker Kostner (Scholarship holder 09/2018 - 10/2019) - since 11/2019 1. Violine tutti Jenaer Philharmonie

Rafael Baena-Nieto (Scholarship holder 09/2018 - 10/2019) - since 12/2019 Kontrabass tutti Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz

Anqi Shen (Scholarship holder 09/2018 - 11/2019) - since 12/2019 Violine tutti Theater Pforzheim